EZServlet package Ver. 2001.3.19

New version 2001.3.19 release with some bug fixes and new functions. - 2022/06/21

New version 2001.3.18 release with some bug fixes and new functions. - 2020/11/13

New version 2001.3.17 release with some bug fixes and new functions. - 2020/06/09

New version 2001.3.16 release with some bug fixes and new functions. - 2018/06/20


In the web systems development, as for a Visual portion and the logic-portion of System, a separate person in charge usually performs design and construction in many cases. And generally, their works concurrently go in parallel. In such development organization, two or more persons in charge manage or edit the same single resource when you apply the architecture of "scripting on HTML", like JSP, ASP or PHP, or you apply the program style like directly printing all HTML codes, like simple servlets or perl scripts for CGI. These styles cause the resource management problems not only on the concurrent parallel work but on the maintenance phase.

EZServlet is the solution which localizes visual portion into template HTML files and confines a logical portion in a Java program to enable concurrent and independent work of each person in charge. Additionally the program codes and also application development process will be simplified.


Latest version of EZServlet 2001 is developed with Java SE 8, and tested on (Java SE 8 + Apache Tomcat 8.5) and (Java SE 11 + Apache Tomcat 9).


EZServlet is a Java class library to develop Java servlet application efficiently.

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